If I were an avid blogger I would be an epic failure….but I’m not so I’m in the clear.  It has been way too long since I’ve last updated this blog.  Things have been busy and transitional but good here in beggartown.  We have had great events in NC, KY, and NE, Memphis, and Nashville since I last sent out an update.  It is always incredible to see people joyfully joining with our mission and supporting the children’s homes that we are helping out.  Since this summer we have been able to raise a great deal of support for the orphanage in Mongolia through merchandise sales and the generosity of a few friends!  This is a phenomenal thing!  Marc, of Wego (the org that we give our money to that runs the homes), told me last week that we are a large reason why the home in Mongolia has stayed afloat financially.  Obviously, this is nothing that we can take credit for.  That money has come from God’s people taking serious the call to care for orphans.  I’m so overwhelmed/humbled/excited to help out with that.  That encouragement from Marc came in the midst of us trying to figure out exactly what beggartown will look like in the future.  It is the Lord to bring such great encouragement in the face of uncertainty!

I have to give a big shout out to Matthew Clark and Katie Heckel.  They raised a very generous amount of money for the home in Mongolia this summer while on a concert tour.  It is so awesome and challenging to me to see fellow musicians sacrificing for the Kingdom.  Show them some musical love and buy their albums.

We have some exciting things in the mixer for 2011.  We might be asking you soon to join us for a week or two in Mongolia. Please be in continued prayer for the kids in Mongolia and for the financial support to keep the home functional and thriving. God is faithful and good.

This blog has nothing to do with school dances.