I am not quite sure how to write this blog because this is a heartbreaking thing to share.  The two children’s homes that Beggartown has been helping to support in Mongolia and Nicaragua are dangerously close to closing their doors due to a lack of funding.  WEGO, the ministry that runs the two homes, is based out of Cocoa Beach, FL and has been hit hard by the downturning economy and the ending of many NASA jobs.  Currently, WEGO is receiving less than half the needed money that is takes to run both homes per month.  As I have previously shared and personally experienced, these two orphanages are homes to incredible kids.  Shutting them down would be to break apart a family.  Even more, as Carlie and I saw for a month last Fall, these homes offer the hope of Christ and His Gospel to kids who would otherwise not hear it.

Carlie and I are less than a week away from the due date of our first born son!!!! (We found at that we were pregnant with him at the Mongolian home). And I feel an overwhelming desire to provide for him and love him so abundantly .  We must join together to be the fathers and mothers of these beautiful children as if they were our own and do what it takes to take care of them.

The need is great right now!  Without any additional funding the homes will close.  I plead with you to ask God to direct how you might be able to financially give to this need.  I would challenge and encourage you to give a one time donation or monthly donation to WEGO through the rest of this year.  And as always, all the of our merchandise sales are going to support the homes.  We all know that there is only so much each of us can do but ask the Lord what your part might be.  Please email me, zach@beggartown.org, with any questions or for a specific list of needs.

You can send your tax-deductible donation to us here or directly to WEGO at this address:

PO Box 320735
Cocoa Beach, Florida 32932