Well, after 199 days of being nomads, we’re done!  Carlie and I set out on May 15, 2009 on an open road.  We packed all of our stuff up into a 10 x 15 storage unit in Louisville, KY and set off on a journey unknown.  Carlie and I didn’t even know where we would be moving to when the journey was finished.  We crossed the country (and the world too) playing music, sharing beggartown, and hanging with our friends and families.  We found ourselves as far north as Maine, as south as Florida, as west as Nebraska, as FAR as Mongolia, and everywhere in between.  Not only did we get to live with and love 10 kids at an orphanage but we picked up our own along the way- which is due to arrive in May!  As I sit here in my now organized office/guest room/soon-to-be baby room I have a great sense of peace.  Most likely because we have our own space for the first time in 7 months.  But even more because it was a great adventure!

It’s funny how I felt when I opened our storage unit.  I didn’t want the stuff.  We’ve lived without it for over half a year and never had a need for it (except the time I had to dig through it to find our coats for Mongolia.)  I kept telling the very generous guys who helped us move that we really could care less what they broke or stole from us.  Good lesson relearned: we don’t need a lot to live.

This last month or so we found ourselves over the romance of rent-free and home-free living.  Being houseless is kind of like buying a new toy.  It’s awesome at first, then you’re done with just as fast as you got it.  But I’ve been thinking a lot about the kids at the orphanage.  A good deal of them (pre-children’s home) we’re tossed around from family to family, house to house, and agency to agency.  Yeah, Carlie and I chose to be nomads.  But these children didn’t.  They’re just kids.  Before they found themselves in their now home, they had no sense of consistency or belonging.  What a helpless feeling!  I want to invest my life making sure these kids and kids like them have a home- a place to call their own.

So, we’re now in Franklin, TN on a street called Ambiance Way.  You’re more than welcome to come stay with us because chances are we have recently stayed with you.