I think I am just now caught up on the sleep I lost this weekend after our time with the students from First Baptist Church of Pascagoula, MS.  Unlike the deer that the car in front of us hit on our drive down, we had an awesome weekend!  I really love going back to places we’ve already been and catching up with familiar faces.  The weekend was focused on putting Christ first and speaker Adam Robinson did a great job practically hashing that out.  I was so grateful to have some great guys- Scott Picard, Chad Martin, and Michael Stephens-  to lead with me this weekend!  We also led worship for big church on Sunday morning. I have been humbled both years at the generosity of the church towards our mission.

As of this weekend, Beggartown has ventured into the coffee business.  WEGO, the ministry that runs all of the orphanages we talk about, has started selling coffee from Nicaragua to help support the children’s home there.  My brother has actually joined up with WEGO to help them brew up some coffee business (sorry for the unfunny pun- I must still be tired).  The whole coffee production is not only helping to support the kids in Nicaragua but also the workers and farmers there as well.  This is such a practical way for us all to give to the work of God’s kingdom in Nicaragua, buy coffee.  Go to necoffee.org for more info and to purchase a pound or ten.