Carlie and I leave for Mongolia one week from today!  We are feeling many emotions!  We are so excited about all the things that we know but we are even more excited about all the unkown.  I just got an email a few days ago from the directors of the orphanage.  Baatraa wrote, “We thank God for sending you to Mongolia to help us. You are coming for our busiest season. Right time.”  He went on to tell us that we will help the orphanage prepare for winter.  Ulan Bator, which is 40 minutes from the orphanage, is the coldest capital city in the world!  We will be in the middle of harvesting crops and getting the kids ready for school in September.  Baatraa wants us to teach the children music and English worship songs (which I can do) and teach the kids how to bake American food (definitely Carlie).  He  has asked us to be praying for a good harvest and for a few of the children, Burnee and Bttsengel, who need ear surgury.  The directors are the only ones at the orphanage who are fluent in English…and they live an hour away.  This will be fun!  I just got our Mongolian phrase book in the mail.  After one day with it I think I can say “hello”.  Nice start, I guess.  

If you are able to help there are a few items we still need to buy for the orphanage: a good study Bible, fun stuff to play with, and a cell phone signal amplifier ($350) so they can use the orphanage phone during the winter.  Emmaus Church Nashville has donated a guitar that we will be leaving at the orphanage!  It’s so awesome to watch the church BE the church!   If you can join with us financially please you can send a donation via paypal ( or send a check to:

Beggartown, Inc.
745 E. 5th St.
Fremont, NE 68025