It’s a funny thing to watch the Lord fill open hands.  Carlie and I set out in May on an open road, not truly knowing where this next season of our lives would take us.  We knew that our summer would be filled with enough camps and churches to keep us busy.  But the question mark was come August.  A few weeks into our houseless journey we met with Marc Ivanchak, the founder/director of WEGO (the ministry beggartown supports the orphanages through).  We asked Marc if there was anyway he could use us this fall.  I kind of asked him in passing not knowing what events that question would actually put in place.  He shared with us a need at the orphanage in Mongolia that we have been supporting.  Marc then invited us to live at the orphanage for a couple of months to love on the kids, encourage the staff, and invest in a few house churches in the area.  

Carlie and I have not been able to get this invitation out of minds and hearts.  So…two days ago we bought two tickets to Mongolia, a country in desperate need of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are going to live and serve at the orphanage outside of the country’s capital of Ulan Bator, August 19th-October 9th.  We are SO excited for this incredible opportunity to see first hand what Beggartown (this means you, too, if you’ve ever bought a shirt or CD) has been supporting.  

We know that our time living at this orphanage will forever stain our hearts with love for God’s Kingdom in Mongolia and through the other orphanages that we are investing in.  

We are in need of funding for our trip.  If you would like to join us financially, you can send a tax-deductible donation via paypal or mail a check to:

Beggartown, Inc.
745 E. 5th Street
Fremont, NE 68025 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support of this ministry and our journey.  We will keep you updated.  Here are a few pics from the orphanage: