I’m sitting here in the “crows nest” of First Baptist Church of Merritt Island, FL.  My bro-in-law Nathan Chapman (or Nate Nate as the nieces call him) is recording a collection of rewritten hymns and originals.  The smell of this small little studio brings back so many memories.  I recorded my first album Poormans Glory here in 2001 and The Beggartown EP up here in 2007.   Nathan’s voice is the marriage of David Wilcox and smooth sweet soulful honey.   I think I would possibly give up sitting for a year to have a voice like his.  It is quite a coincidence that he has rewritten the hymn O God Our Help in Ages Past, a hymn that I am also rewriting now, and we are using the same chord progression.   I’m really excited to have Nathan on the Beggartown compilation that we are working on right now.   You can be in prayer for Nathan, Casey, Brakian, and the baby girl to come as they move to Charlotte, NC in two weeks to join the staff of Exodus Church, which will be launching its first service on June 1st.  I will definitely be posting the release of Nathan’s album on here whenever it comes out.  You can check out a few of his songs sung live via his myspace.