After a great week with family in Maine, Carlie and I drove to Charlotte, NC to spend a few days with Carlie’s sister and her fam.  Nathan, Casey (the sis), and our nephew Brakian moved here a little over a month ago to join the staff of a new church plant in Gastonia, NC called Exodus Church.  Nathan asked me to lead worship with him this morning.  I love being a part of new churches, even just for one service.  There is something so refreshing about the unknown that surrounds church plants.  I venture to say there are not many larger acts of faith (that I have seen with my own eyes) than stepping out to follow the Lord into the mystery of building a church out of nothing.  Please be in prayer for Nathan, Exodus’ pastor Brian Lowe, and their families as they continue to build new relationships and grow God’s church in Gastonia through Exodus Church.  Now we wake up early early tomorrow morning to drive to Louisville for my last class in Southern Seminary’s music program!

 Here’s a pic from our journey to the top of Crowders Mountain in North Carolina.  For the record, if you’re keeping one, Nathan and Casey each carried an extra person on the trek- Nathan on his back and Casey in her belly.  Real troopers those two.