One lesson I have learned through being homeless is the importance of good music.   Melody builds a home in your soul for your heart to rest in, as the old proverb that I just made up says.  I just got Aaron Ivey’s new album, “Between the Beauty & Chaos” via itunes a few days ago and I have enjoyed it thoroughly.  So now I shall pass it along to you.  

I met Aaron while we were both students at Houston Baptist University back in “the day”.  I think we were in a class together about the Letters of Paul. My only memory of Aaron from class was him not laughing at my jokes- which I have recently forgiven him for.  Over the last several years Mr. Ivey has been a great encouragement to me.  As I was praying through/contemplating starting Beggartown I shared the idea with a few people I knew who had a heart for music and missions, Aaron was one of them.  Personally and musically I am most grateful for Aaron’s involvement in my last CD, “Children Without Names”.  Aaron’s then band, spur58, was the band on my album.  I get many a compliments on the organ solo on “Hosea’s Got the Blues”.  You can thank Aaron for that one.  

I have always seen him as minister first and rocker second- a rare thing.  Go do yourself a favor and buy Aaron’s new album.  I think “Amos Story” is my favorite song.  My friends/college roommates/Aaron’s band, Steven Bush and Jimmie Ingram, have graced this project with their mad bass and electric skills, respectively.  Show these guys and your ears some love- buy “Between the Beauty & Chaos”.