I have no idea why we have not gone homeless earlier in life.  This really is the way to go.  People keep asking us where we live and I always give the same answer no matter what city or state we are in, “Here”. I need to make a business card that explains our homeless situation so I don’t have to explain it everyday.  

Carlie and I have driven over 1,500 miles since we left Nashville.  We have spent Thursday and Friday in Boston, MA.  We focused our most of our touristic attention on Beacon Hill and Harvard Square.  One of the cool things about Boston was our trip to Fenway Park.  I really wanted to go to be a part of baseball history but quickly changed my mind when I found out that the cheapest tickets were $26 each and the game was going to be rained out.  But then we found Red Sox heaven (which is not as awesome as Astros heaven but still cool).  There is a new restaurant/pub inside of the park that was a storage room a year ago.  The cool thing is that it is on the field.  There is a 15 x15 foot opening to the field.  We sat at a table that was literally 2 feet from the warning track, about 20 yards from the center fielder.  It was free to get in and all we had to do was eat.  It was awesome!!


(There was even a window in the bathroom where I could see the field.  I had to take a picture.  Sorry.  When your homeless you’re grateful for the small things.)


From Boston we drove to Vermont.  I met Marty Bascum at a D-Now in Somerset, KY about 2 years ago.  He is the pastor of East Randolph Baptist Church in East Randolph, Vermont.  Marty and I talked when we first met about having Carlie and I sharing Beggartown with his people but could never justify the trip because it is just so far away.  But since we were already planning on driving to Maine to celebrate my grandpa’s 75th birthday- we could make the trip work.  We had such a great weekend with them.  Saturday night I gave a concert at their church and then led the music for their Sunday morning service.  The people of East Randolph were so generous towards our mission.  We have met new friends and for that we would drive 3 days (which we did).  Pastor Marty spoke on spiritual adoption on Sunday.  Not only was it a great fathers day message but it went so well with our mission- helping the fatherless, “We were wayward orphans, children without names”.  Here’s a pic of East Randolph Baptist.


I also got the opportunity to lead the music and preach at a small (ten people) church in another town before the service at East Randolph Baptist- First Branch Baptist Church of Chelsea, VT.  It was fun.  The church did not have a pastor nor did it have running water.  My favorite part of the service is when I put the hymn numbers for the morning on the hymn number board behind the pulpit.  I guess it’s an old school version of a LCD projector.  


We have now made it to Maine where we will be hangin’ with the fam all week.  Please be in prayer for the people of East Randolph, VT and also for God’s continued faithfulness and provision for WEGO.