Today was a good day.  Carlie and I went to Emmaus Church Nashville this afternoon.  This is not your normal church.  They are always going.  They bring hope to the homeless, to strippers, and to those who are looking for a new way to go to church.  We met at 11:30 am and headed to Tent City, a homeless community in Downtown Nashville.  This is what I love about what Emmaus is doing- they do not talk about being the Church they just do it.  Every Sunday before church the people of Emmaus bring lunch to the residents of this ragtag community.  We walked through a wooded “neighborhood” where trails replaced sidewalks and tarps replaced houses.  We had a few great conversations with some of the homeless men and women there.  Actually, I don’t think they would consider themselves homeless.  They had shelter, front porches, beds, showers, grills, and neighbors.  The most impactful thing from my time is when I told Rusty, the red headed ex-con, that I’ll be praying for him.  He told me that he’ll be praying for me too, as if to say he’s not the only that needs help.  We will be back.

After our trip to Tent City we headed back to the church.  The service started at 2 pm.  While leading worship I couldn’t stop saying, “This morning”.  I’m just not used to leading in the afternoon.  The service was great.  The church is held in a small two room building that is filled with string lights and character.  I felt cooler just being in the “sanctuary”.  I really have loved getting to know Pastor Michael Reddish.  He has a compassionate heart for the hurting that I long for.  Carlie said something on the way home that I think pegs Emmaus Church well.  She said they don’t have to have community groups because they already are a community.  Be in prayer for Emmaus Church Nashville as they continue to build God’s Kingdom in very real ways.