After setting up home in Carlie’s parents condo on the beach for almost 2 weeks- we are now moving.  Lake Ocoee will be our new place of residence for the next 2 weeks.  We were asked last friday to lead for a camp this weekend.  It actually works out incredibly well because the camp site is 20 minutes from the camp we will be leading at for the first 2 weeks of June- Camp Cherokee with the phenom students of FBC Cleveland, TN.  Carlie and I are really looking forward to this next phase of our homelessness.  We led worship at Camp Cherokee last summer and had two life-changing weeks complete with extreme tubing and dog salvation.  Please be in prayer for the students of Bayside Baptist (this weekend) and the next two weeks with FBC Clevaland. 

I am often anxious to play music at weddings.  It is the only time I feel the pressure to not completely screw everything up.  You can’t take back somebodies wedding day.  But I am really pumped to be able to be a part of Corey Cavett’s wedding next weekend.  Corey was Mr. Soundman extraordinaire for last years camp with FBC Cleveland.  He is the maker of the “Canoe Jousting” video.  He asked me last year after camp if I could play in his wedding this summer if we were back in town.  And we are.  So we will be.  It is a very special and humbling thing to be a part of such an important day in a someones life.  I’m looking forward to it.  It’s kind of funny that in my email to the band about what to bring for camp I included a wedding outfit.

On a separate note, Carlie, Carlie’s bro Byron, and I had breakfast this morning with Marc Ivanchak at Roberto’s Cuban Restaurant in Cocoa Beach.  WEGO, Marc’s ministry, is who we are joining with to build the Ugandan orphanage with.  Everytime I talk to Marc I just want to sell all my belongings and move to Mongolia.  Which apparently is now an option for the fall.  I can’t encourage you enough, Mr. or Ms. Reader, to get involved with what WEGO is doing.  They have ministries right now in Nicaruaga, Mongolia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Ukraine, Columbia, and the States.  They need your financial support (which happens anytime you buy our merchandise) but even more they need people.  Go on a mission trip with them or move to where they are working.  Marc told us this morning that he had a meeting with the Mongolian government last week while he was over there.  The meeting began with them telling Marc they are shutting him down because of his religious involvement.  But the meeting ended with them sending two more kids to the orphanage.  God is good.

Tomorrow begins at 4am as we jump on the road to camp.  I’ll have no access to internet while at camp but I’ll do my best to keep the updates…up.