Besides burning the palet of skin between my chest and stomach while at the beach, today was a good day.  Tonight Carlie, her mother, and I ventured over to Orlando to watch our new favorite band Quiet Science perform.  Carlie’s brother, Barrett, is their keeper of beats/drummer.  I cannot even guesstimate how many times I’ve listened to their album over these last few months.  They have a nack for writing insanely catchy synth-infused Euro-pop anthems.  I don’t know if that is a very good description but it is all I can muster at this hour.  You simply just need to listen to their stuff.  The Last Satellite is my favorite.  All I know is that I cannot remember the last time when I sang along with most songs from a concert- especially when it was my first time to see them live.  They will soon be appearring on the compilation that we are working on.  Show them much love and support.  Buy a CD, a shirt, a button, and move to Florida so you can catch all of their shows.  It is worth the uhaul.