As we continue our little blog series on giving, there is no greater person that has given most of us a clearer picture of sacrifice than our moms.  So mom’s, thank you!  But I know that today brings much pain and questions to many woman who are struggling through infertility and through the difficulties of not being able to have children.  I wanted to share a song with you that I never thought I would write.  It was written as a prayer for a few friends struggling through God’s withholdings.

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O Barren Woman

You are so lovely though your eyes are like rain clouds
Washing away the pain with your tears
You are still waiting for a gift yet not given
Filled with the pangs of birthing your fears

O Barren Woman don’t cry
There’s still life inside you

You are a promise made to your mother
She was a promise to her mother, too
So look up and listen to the voice of your Maker
In the void and the silence that sleeps in your womb

So rest, cast your cares away
Breathe deep the breathe
Of the God who awakens wombs
Or gives the strength to wait