Hey Friends,

2 new technological updates for you.

I just changed the way our online store is working. We are now using google checkout- which is better for you and for me. To celebrate our new store we have a 50% off coupon available through the rest of the year! Just enter in btownchristmas in the coupon code section at checkout.  We’ve added the “Bombs of Love” t-shirt online as well.  We are also using google to accept donations.  Remember all proceeds are going directly to the orphanages we are supporting in Mongolia and Nicaragua and soon in Uganda.  So buy ten of everything!  Order soon and we’ll get it to you for Christmas!

Thanks to an unsolicited sign-up by a youth pastor I will not name from FBC Cleveland named Derek Simpson, I’m now on twitter.  You can keep up-to-date with all of the Beggartown updates and a smattering of other things by following us at twitter.com/zachdodd.