Merry Christmas Eve! I can’t believe it but I was in high school eleven Christmas’s ago. My school choir had the opportunity to sing at Disney World during the Carols and Candlight service.  You could imagine my excitement when I saw Uncle Phil of Fresh Prince of Bel Air fame reading the Christmas story between our songs.  It was pretty powerful to see the thousands of people in the Epcot crowd hear the story of Jesus’ birth.  I was getting caught up in the excitement of all these people hearing of Christ as Emmanuel but began to grow skeptical.  I knew (assumed) that their interest in the story was not in God becoming man or in a Son being born to build His Father’s Kingdom or a Savior making a way for all those who would believe.  Their interest was simply (still assuming) in a nice little story about a baby being born and placed in a manger.  I saw the rut that we can so easily slip into during Christmas: We sing the carols, we unwrap the presents, we wear red, and we hear the story.  We can too easily be mesmerized by the semi-celebrity being backed up by the tux-wearing high school choir and miss our chance to respond to God’s physical hand that is reaching down to touch and love us.  We can know all about Jesus’ birth without being changed by it.

So I got home, changed out of my tux, and wrote this song:

As a star sings of a Savior’s birth
A new light shines to all the earth
Heaven’s lamb was born to die
How can a little child save my life?

A little one his chosen Son
To bear the cross where redemptions won
To gain the loss of a love so sweet
Was born a child to be a sinner’s king

This is more than a story
Of a how a baby came to be
This is more than a story
It’s a gift of life from a king

A chorus of praise sung by the angels
A glorious name proclaimed on high
Heaven rejoiced at the birth of this promise
God is with us

Who would imagine we’d worship this baby?
Who would believe in such a mystery?
His death brought me life but his birth brought us closer
A gift of sacrifice from child