This might be one of the last blogs I would expect to write about our time in Mongolia…but a very exciting one.  Carlie and I are actually back in the states a few weeks earlier than planned.  We knew that when we came back to America that the kids at the orphanage would be forever in our hearts but we didn’t know that we would actually bring our own child home with us.  Two weeks into our trip. actually a month ago today, Carlie and I found out that we are pregnant!!!   What an incredible thing it was to find out about our new life in the bathroom of an orphanage in Mongolia.  After we settled down from our excitement we had some decisions to make.  We had no idea what this would mean for the rest of our stay.  There was an American doctor in our town, Gachuurt, so we asked his opinion.  He named a few problems that could occur if we stayed so it would be ideal if we headed home.  We knew that our priorities shifted the moment we saw a positive sign on a stick.  As much as we didn’t want to leave the kids we knew that it would be best for Carlie and the babies health to get back to the states.  Carlie and I always wanted a fun and creative way to tell our families about our first pregnancy.  This was far better than anything we could have thought up ourselves.  My favorite was when we told some people that we had to come home because Carlie was diagnosed with a very serious medical condition known as pregnancy.  

I can’t tell you how much Baatraa, Azaa, and the kids excitement for our baby meant to us.  They were constantly praying for our new life and for Carlie.  She began to get pretty sick soon after we found out.  Zaya actually said that a few days before we told them that she had a dream that Carlie was very excited about something.  After she woke up she thought that Carlie might be pregnant.  It was also pretty funny that Erica, the driver and guards 6-month year old girl, peed on me the first week we were there.  They told me that in Mongolia that means that I will soon get pregnant, not Carlie, but me.  And a week later, we’re pregnant.  

I just got a message from Baatraa that said the kids have been missing us.  I think we miss them more.  Carlie and I have so much to share about our time in Mongolia…and we will.   But for now I thought it would be good to let everyone know that we’re back… with a baby.  After a few days of rest in Omaha, Carlie and I have made our way to Franklin/Nashville, TN, our new home. We now step into a new phase of life and with a lot of vision for Beggartown.  Please be praying for Carlie as she has been very nauseous during this first trimester.  It has been a rough couple of days for her.  Please pray that we will find a great place to live near our families.  I would also appreciate it if you could pray for me to find a good part-time job as well.   Please continue your prayers for the orphanage in Mongolia, for Baatraa and Azaa, and all of our sweet kids there.

The first pic is from our 2nd test (a chinese one) at a clinic in Gachuurt and the rest are from our last day:




Carlie was craving Pizza Hut the entire time in Mongolia.  The Beijing airport had one but it was closed due to construction.  Oh, irony.