Carlie and I just got back late last night from a great weekend in Owosso, Michigan.  We were invited by Community EPC Church to come be a part of their missions conference.  It was actually are first time ever to step foot in the “Great Lake State”.  We were invited to come and lead worship for this conference by Luke and Trisha Gilkerson who we met in Nashville at a music conference in March.  Carlie and I got to stay with them and felt so at home with their family.  You should check out the organization that Luke works and blogs for, Covenant Eyes.  They are in the forefront of accountability for sexual struggle.  

We have been excited about this weekend for awhile because it was our first event to be a part of post Mongolia.  Our trip up from our new home of Franklin, TN to Michigan was less than pretty.  Most of the trip consisted of Carlie…how do I say this?…spreading the curse of morning sickness all over the shoulder of several highways.  But we finally made it and Carlie said the struggle of the journey was worth the destination.  There was a little humor in our trip up north to Owosso.  One reason that we made our home in the Nashville area was because when we drove from Louisville to the different Beggartown events we would ALWAYS drive through Nashville to get there.  So we finally set up home in Nashville and the first event we had while living there took us straight through Louisville.  Take a moment to soak in the irony.  

Carlie and I said that this was one of the most practical conferences we have been a part of.  The church was equipped for God’s Kingdom through talking about missional living.  Randy Nabors was the bringer of the Word for the weekend.  His words and testimony were tools placed in the hands of the church.  Randy is the pastor at New City Fellowship in Chattanooga, TN.  New City Fellowship is a force in community outreach that uses very practical ministries to show the love of Christ.

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was being able to show a slideshow of some of our pictures from Mongolia during one of the songs.  During the first two and half years of Beggartown I have talked a lot about the orphanages that we are helping to support.  But this is the first time that I get to really talk about them and tell stories about the kids by name.   

Please be in Prayer for the people and leadership of Community Church that they may take what was shown to us this weekend and further their reach in their local community for Christ