With the voices of Johnny and June Cash filling our ears, Carlie and I drove to Jackson, Mississippi this weekend to lead worship for the students at Colonial Heights Baptist Church.  It has been nice to be in the state where Carlie and I fell in love for the first time…at the same time (long story).  Appropriate I guess that today is Valentines Day.  The weekend was spent talking about God’s love and ending our three week vegetarian phase, which will start back up on Monday.  This was a special weekend because my grandpa/Pops/Brother John spoke on Friday night.  This has been the 3rd or 4th time that I’ve been able to lead a service when he spoke.  I will always remember these evenings.  We really have had a blast hangin’ with our new Colonial Heights peeps.  They are a very close knit group- kind of like what I imagine a hippie commune would be like minus the apparel.  
I will never forget the kid who caught a free CD that I tossed out and then asked me later how much they cost.  I jokingly asked, “Why, are you going to sell it?”  To which he replied, “Yeah, my friend wants to buy it from me.”  The friend probably would have got a better deal coming to me.  To make the weekend even better I convinced Carlie to sing with me- which she did with harmonic beauty and with an abundance of vocal excellence.  The third highlight of the weekend was that the student ministries student band played with us: Cob, Cynth, and Allie (which is actually not the names but the ones we made up for them- not a long story).  

Tonight before the worship began we decided to make a little Valentines Day video for you.  As you can tell, we did not put a lot of editing or visual effects into it.  This video is a lot like love: messy, blurry, and people singing in very close proximity to the computer microphone.