We join the millions of heartbroken and grieving people in the world for Haiti right NOW.  I cannot watch cnn without being overwhelmed with grief for the destruction of a country and the loss of life within it.  We just had a great weekend with the students at Houston’s First Baptist Church.  I led worship for the Student Missions Conference.  It was a challenging two days as we were faced with the needs of so MANY countries around the world.  We cannot possibly fathom the despair in every country of our world.  But we know the HOPE.  We know Jesus.  Now is the time for us to step out and step up for those who cannot otherwise be heard.  You have to be def and blind not to hear and see the calls and sirens coming out of Haiti even as you read this.  I found myself crying last night on my grandparents couch alone as I listened to the stories of leveled orphanages and mass graves.  The need is now, let’s act now.  There are many trustworthy organizations that are doing great work in Haiti right now.  GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY that they might begin to bring hope to haiti.  May this be the beginning of eyes being widely opened to the plight of the orphan world wide.  Let’s PRAY together!  Let’s GIVE together!

Here are just a few websites where you can help: