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Zach and Carlie Dodd started Beggartown in the spring of 2007.  Growing up as the children of ministers, they have both seen and encountered the glories and difficulties of following Christ and serving His church. It was through these experiences that a vision was birthed to encourage and challenge the church and all people to live giving lives.

Zach is a songwriter and worship leader whose music is a part of the hands and feet of Beggartown.  He is an ordained minister who has served the local church as a worship leader and student pastor.  Zach is an avid follower of .  Carlie has a heart for people and the Lord that is evident in every conversation that she has.  She loves working out, baking, and her family.

Zach, Carlie, and their son, Banner, live in Knoxville, TN and enjoy using commas in their sentences.  Zach is also on the worship staff at Fellowship Church.