The Summit wrapped up late last night.  Carlie and I have been so glad that we were able to be a part of the weekend.  Our reason for coming (besides learning from the sessions) was to invite other artists to join with us in our mission to build the orphanage.  Overall, I was incredibly encouraged by the response we received.  It is kind of funny-I feel as if I’m leaving this weekend with some great friends.  And that is how I want to minister…with friends. I fully believe that the relationships built this weekend are the foundation to the orphanage floor.  We talked about doing a beggartown compilation album and accompanying tour.  Maybe I shouldn’t have said that yet.  Please continue to pray for the relationships birthed this weekend.  I know this is just the beginning of some good days ahead.    Here are some pics from yesterday.  These are a just a handful of the great people we met.  I should have taken more pics.  

Rob Blackwell- you must check out his music.  Incredibly talented man!  I’ve been singing his song, “So Long” all weekend.  I am really looking forward to our future endeavors in music and life.  


Holly Starr and Shawn (or Sean or Suon or Shown) from Washington state.  Holly just came out with a sweet video that you should check out.  We like them!  


Matthew Clark from Oxford, MS.  He shared a song that he wrote about a group of people who went to a brothel and “bought” all the women for the day so they could live a normal life (go bowling and things of that genre) for 24 hours.  The title of the song is, “You can keep your clothes on tonight”.  Good writer.  Good guy.


Martin Adu.  This man is a singer/minister from the Netherlands.  He flew all this way just to take this picture.  That’s dedication.


The CIA Summit ended with my complete and bitter defeat at the 2009 Momentum Awards.  I was nominated for Acoustic Artist of the Year.  The winner was the one I was hoping would win, Nathan Clark George.  He also won Album of the Year for “Pull up a Chair”.  He is an acoustic artist through and through.  He kind of reminds me of a Christian James Taylor.  You should definitely check him out.  He travels full time in a RV with his wife and 5 kids (1 on the way).  That’s insane!  Carlie, my mom, aunt and uncle, and cousins took me out to dinner to celebrate my defeat.  Here’s a video from our dinner: