I am excited.  The CIA Summit (a conference for independent Christian artists) officially begins tomorrow but I must stake a claim on today as day 1.  This morning we came to the “The Fortress”, where the Summit is being held near downtown Nashville, to simply set up our booth in prep for this weekend.  But I feel that we already have had some great conversations with a few of the several hundred Summit attendees.  I was amazed that we raised $60 for the orphanage just by setting up!  At first, I found myself being a little self-conscience while putting it together because our booth is much much less commercial, clean, and professional than all the other booths.  But this is who we are.   And I don’t think a $5,000 display would speak well of our stewardship as orphanage builders.  I really do love the way it turned out.  Plus, we were given great provision through our incredible location: right next to the front entrance.  We couldn’t have dreamed up a better spot.  Well, it would be sweet if we were on an Alaskan ice glacier but that wouldn’t really help our mission much.  

Please be in prayer for this weekend as we invite these like-minded musicians to join our community of bands and artists.  I hope that we sell a lot of merchandise for the orphanage.  I hope that musicians join our mission.  But my ultimate prayer for this weekend is that the Lord will challenge every single person present to invest their music and lives into building God’s eternal and physical kingdom.  I get overwhelmed with excitement thinking about how many orphanages, hospitals, and churches could be built if even a handful of these several hundred musicians donated a percentage of their merchandise proceeds to our mission.  That is the beautiful thing about the story of Haggai:  God called an entire town of people to build his Temple, not a person.  This is who we are.  This is what we are doing.