I think I’m finally rested from the great week we just had with our middle school peeps from FBC Cleveland, TN.  I always love middle school camps.  It might because I can tell my stupid jokes at a higher success rate but it is really because it was when I was at camp in middle school that I first truly understood what it meant to worship and follow the Lord.  It is a special thing to see middle school students worship the Lord and accept Him into their lives.  The highlight of my week was definitely when the camp pastor asked all the students who became Christians during the week to stand up, around 20 in all.  That makes for a good week!   I loved the band guys this week: Matt Woodside, Michael Stephens, Trenton Mueller, and Ryan Williams.  It makes all the difference in the world to have friends up there leading with you.  Dan Dewitt did a phenom job bringing the Word.  He spoke on what it means to be saved by grace and for God’s glory.  Great Words from Galatians!

Now, we wake up in the morn and head back to Camp Cherokee to hang with the high school students.  I think I might be intimidated, though.  I need new jokes.