We have been working hard to grow Beggartown’s community of artists and musicians.  One of the most encouraging things that I hear when I tell people about our organization is, “How can I be a part of what you guys are doing?” We have already had several artists and bands that have joined with us.  Each of them is donating a certain percentage of their merchandise sales to our mission.  We are now taking steps to purposefully build this community.  I am very excited to announce that we will be having a booth at the CIA Summit which is put on by indieheaven.com, March 27-28 in Nashville, TN.  The Summit is a conference for independent Christian artists.  I attended it in 2007 and was incredibly challenged.  To be honest, it was at this conference that my desire for a beggartown-like ministry was birthed.  I saw the great calling of using music to share the gospel but I really struggled with what I coined “pimping myself” to get booked, sell CD’s, and all the things related to the hoopla of being an “artist”.  That is one of the main reasons why Beggartown began- to give us something else to promote other than us.  That is why you read “to build God’s kingdom and not our own” in a lot of our material.  Please be in prayer for this conference as we offer the invitation of joining the mission of Beggartown to the CIA Summit attendees.